Swedish Massage

It is a very relaxing massage which is comforting and performed slowly and rhythmically.  It helps to relief the pain, tension and all the stress leaving the body more relaxed .

Deep Tissue Massage

This is where you can experience the healing power of touch with firm pressure,as a qualified therapist l would recommend this to someone who have got muscle pains,tension and knots as this would help to ease the pain and improves blood circulation leaving the muscles relaxed and the psychological feeling of being cared for.


This is a curative treatment by the use of scent.Each blend of oils is individual,determined by the scents the recipient prefers and their desired effect, whether it is to relieve minor ailments ,to pamper with an aromatic  beauty treatment or simply to ease tension with a full body massage.

Hot Stone Massage

This improves the blood circulation and ease the pain.The movements are very  calming and therapeutic.

Fay’s Signature Massage

It’s a combination of both Swedish and deep tissue ,effective in relieving stress ,improving mood and produce a sense of well being which is surely unique.